NOVEMBER- Dark Times

NOvember, 2014. Forever, forever, forever.     Every November my mood goes into a dark place.    It’s almost as if I want to go into my cave and hibernate until the winter is past and the world is lit up again.    I love having blankets on the beds, warm tea, sitting in bed reading and all the holiday planning that starts to occur.     The dark place is where the loved ones lie in the cold ground.    A Father in a country graveyard in WVA – buried in January with snow on the ground and snow in the air.  A Mother buried in January; a cemetery in the city where there are no other family – so lonely.A Brother buried in December of the same year, alone, waiting for the rest of us to join him.   
A time to be thankful that I am still here, waking up each morning, doing all the mundane things that make up my days. Sleep and forget, sleep and weep, sleep and remember, sleep and dream.    
Forever, forever, forever. 

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