LEFT brain – RIGHT brain. 
Yesterday had an interesting conversation with a friend about left brain and right brain.     She became aware that all of her physical ailments were on the left side; loss of hearing – left ear, foot problems – left foot, shoulder ache – left, ringing in ear – left.    She is an artist so apparently her right brain functions without much effort on her part . Her left brain has to put out more energy to be a businesswoman and earn a living.  
Her Chiropractor is working on balancing the two sides and she is getting some relief from the physical ailments. The how of that I’m not sure I understand.  Possibly just the increased awareness and discipline of daily habits to ensure a more balanced lifestyle.       
I seem to be at peace only when I can let go of the left side obsessions with detail; things I have to do, people I have to contact.   When the right brain is in control I can let go for a short while.     Painting offers that relief.     Intense concentration and yet almost totally unaware of what is going on around me. When I am angry or my feelings hurt I can paint and let go of the obsessing.     Just “pretend it didn’t happen” and the thoughts disappear.        
Painting, or any artistic endeavor  drives me to “good health”.   

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