Where is GOD in the Noise? 
7:00A.M. time to get up.   Turn the tv on, listen to the News – wonderful things are happening in the city of Los Angeles.  Check the IPhone, messages, messages, messages.     Put in the earphones – turn on the music.   Turn on the laptop, put the earphones in, watch a horror movie – hours and hours and hours of slam, bang, crash, kill, kill, kill.      Visit a friend, Pay TV – 50 inch screeb, screaming, hollering, amplified at full blast.       
The armour that protects the nervous system is slowly being worn away by the noise.    Ringing in my ears, a tight band across my head, concentration decreased, can’t hear what anyone says.    Just bury my head and try to leave even though there is no place to go.    
Be nice, smile, be friendly, pretend that the world of sound is a friendly place and all is well.      God?   Where is God in all of this? 
Where can I find silence, quiet, calm, peace.  Where can I think and sort out thoughts and feelings.    Does it matter, does anyone listen.    Sleep – maybe except they must have the earphones or the tv going even during the dead of night.     
Closer and closer to insanity – over the edge and hope that chasm will have quiet, silence.   

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