Old Friends

Holiday season always brings visits with old friends. My friend in this picture, and I have known each other for more than 50 years. Yesterday we met to catch up. How does one catch up with all the things that have happened during the past year when we have not seen each other.? She lives in Hawaii, I live in California. So, when she travels to California to visit her family we squeeze in a visit. There is no replacement for an in-person get together. Just seeing the person’s face, listening to the rhythm of their speech and how they interact with others is a reminder of why you became friends in the first place. I have lost so many friends these past few years from aging, that I treasure the opportunity to spend time together. WE are both in our eighties, have all the usual physical ailments of our age group and can empathize with one another about health, families, husbands and boyfriends. WE are at different ends of the spectrum in our political beliefs and yet we have been able to include each other in our concerns and irritations with the political system and stay open minded. I just finished a portrait of her which I will try to put on the blog. So, if the Gods are willing we will get together, in person, again in 2023. Aloha Peggy

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