What I complain about the most.

The Vicissitudes of Aging.

Time moving too fast. Aging skin, aging bones and muscles. Arthritis, chronic aches. The body machine starting to break down, dysfunction in many ways. Telling me I can’t do this any more, ease up, go slow, be patient.

Prescribed medicines – too many, one helps then causes side effects that are a roadblock to overall health. Blood pressure meds that cause chronic cough. Arthritis relief meds that raise the blood pressure. A medicine for skin, for headaches, for chronic pain, for mood disorder (surprise) and….. I asked the doc if I was using too many meds? He responds “no actually you use fewer than most in your age group”.

Watching my children start to experience their aging. Losing their youthful appearance, baldness, wrinkles, weight gain., having to have surgeries for major ailments. Becoming a great, great, grandmother. Bis, Bis. Abuela.

Yes, I would love to have more time on this earth, however, time is moving fast. Eighty-five years, like a snap of a finger – gone.

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