The Dog that has to pee.
Driving the freeway from the desert to the coast the day after Christmas.   The 210 freeway is crowded and backed up, an accident, construction, who knows.   All it takes is the slightest minor interruption for all the traffic to slow down for miles and miles.   It is raining and the roads are slick, the dog is yipping and very restless.     My husband chose not to give her a tranquilizer before we left home and I have a feeling this is going to be a very…… long trip.      We stop at McDonalds for coffee, almost noone there – unusual.    Usually McDonalds this time of morning is packed.    Not complaining, however.   We have our too hot coffee, pour out the excess and get back in the car.    We have the first pee stop out of the way.     Now we’re in the midst of a downpour driving thru Pasadena, trying to get over into the right lane to head toward the coast.     Yip, yip, yip.    Turn on the radio, try to find some country music for the dog.   She likes Hank Williams and Patsy Cline.   Classical or jazz just doesn’t calm her, has to be those old sad country songs about lost love, and cheating hearts.    She is definitely a hillbilly dog.
Now we are on the coast highway, even more congested traffic.    Driving thru Santa Barbara behind all the mercedes  with the coiffed ladies and their poodles.   Rain, rain, rain.     Two lanes, one blocked for construction.     We need to do another pee stop for the dog, finally find a place near the University where the old restaurant Timbers used to be.    Timbers is still there, just boarded up.     Oops, another car with a big dog and they let the dog out not on a lead.   So, we have to sit in the car, hear our dog yip and go crazy watching the dog on the outside get to run around off lead.      Finally the dog does his business, they leave so we can let Sophie out for her 3rd pee of the trip.  Now this is a dog that will go 12-13 hours in the house without peeing or even giving us a small hint that she needs to go outside.   She has never urinated in the house.     So, who is running this show?  
We arrive in Pismo Beach, stop at Marie Callendar’s for a late lunch and of course the dog’s 4th pee!     Lunch and coconut pie and I may live.    About 1/2 hr. more and we arrive in Los Osos.    We unload the car, turn on the heat and the water heater, let the dog out for another pee and I hit the bed with an Alleve.     
Now that was an enjoyable trip.    The best part – the Coconut Creme Pie!
Happy New Year folks.
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