Christmas 2012.

A very good Christmas indeed.   We celebrated Christmas Eve at my granddaughters’ house; lots of food, many gifts and many children.     It’s really true what they say about Christmas being for the children.   ” Oh Mom, look, just what I wanted.    No it’s not from Santa because the wrapping paper is the same as Grandma’s, here let me unwrap it for you, that’s not yours that gift is for Andrew, his name also starts with an “A”, I didn’t get a candy cane with mine, a monster doll names Operetta, Look Dad, more money.” Smiles, sticky fingers, wrapping paper and ribbons all over the floor. 

Little girls that no longer look like little girls, now teenagers.   Dolls have become Ipods.   Grandsons that are taller than Grandpa and can actually talk about important world events.    Adults talking about being very grateful to have jobs and dollars enough to buy gifts.    Real concern for others.
The lights have come on in the world again.


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