Seniors Living with Children

2020 – A bit more at ease with being 83 years, letting go of things that no longer matter. Fear of death not so much, the process of dying. Well that’s another matter. 🙂

Senior thoughts

I sit and listen to a new friend, age 82, who talks about why she relocated to this community to live with her daughter.    She also has a son and made the decision about one year ago that it was better to live with her daughter.   The daughter is single the son is married.   She did not feel comfortable living with the son and his wife.    A bit of tension there as she described it.
Lots has been said about the wisdom or not so wise decisions of living with your children when you are old.     Bottom line it comes down to wanting to be with someone you trust when you become infirm, unable to drive, the little grey cells don’t click as fast as they used to and the fear of being with strangers when you get to the stage where you are totally dependent on…

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