Working Woman in Assisted Living
The document she showed me was dated 1978.   Four long typewritten pages signed by a doctor who had treated her at that time. She had a TIA brought on by a carteroid artery malfunction.     She kept trying to say that the current doctor wouldn’t read the document and wasn’t treating her for a current TIA.   He gave her antibiotics for a urinary tract infection.   Nodded his head as if she was a really old woman and didn’t have any idea what she was talking about.    She is an old woman, 83 years.    This past two years she has lost a husband of 50 years and one son.     She lives in an Assisted Living facility and has been there almost three years now.    She gardens, keeps the roses trimmed, drives twice a week to her pinochle game and diligently does crossword puzzles.   For sure she is an old woman, and for sure she has some of the memory blocking that we all experience at that age but does that mean she has to be treated as an invisible person, one with no intelligence, just another nagging old woman?    

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