Yellow Cat – Fluff

Fluff was a long haired yellow cat, some white here and there. He and I believe he was a He 🙂 was a stray that welcomed us here when we arrive 4 yrs. ago. He would never come more than 3-4 feet close to us, however, would hang around anytime we were in the yard. Always there in the morning to be fed – 5:30am, and definitely talked to you if you were later than 5:30. with the food. We could not leave food out because of the coyotes and other animals. He occasionally would show up looking ragged, scrapes on his nose, etc. We guessed that he had been in a battle over food with the possums.

He was always in the driveway when we drove in, greeted us with his meows and yes, kept his distance.

For several days he disappeared. That was not unusual and we figured he knew where there was a better meal in the neighborhood. He always showed up eventually and took his place on the bench outside, in a box with a blanket when the weather turned cold.

Yesterday my neighbor informed us that a yellow cat had been found a block or so away from our house, the victim of a coyote attack. My husband walked to where he was and verified thru tears that yes that was Fluff. Not much of him left as a result of the coyote.

So today we are burying him in the back yard. His place, his corner of the lot. I shall miss seeing him when I pull into the driveway. He was much loved even though we were never able to pet him. He had the best of food and as much shelter as we could offer for an outdoor cat. I have cried and cried.

I always promise that I will not get attached again, and yet I know that I will. Despite the feeling of loss when I lose them, it is worth the joy they give me during their lives. Peggy

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