Sexual Harassment ??

I have read the EEOC policy on sexual harassment and frankly find the law has many grey areas. For instance:feeling uncomfortable”, affecting the ability to continue work, etc. The policy seems really clear on two things: Whether or not the behaviour or request is a requirement to continue employment, affects salary and or/status on the job. Quid pro quo.

The 2nd requirement is whether or not there is a hostile, abusive or intimidating work environment. Again how one determines if the behavior is hostile, etc. is very subjective.

What does intimidating mean in this context? That would seem to fall into Quid pro quo.

If the person who believes they are being harassed feels intimidated, specific behaviors need to be given that lead to a concrete effect; i.e. losing a job, salary issues. IMO take the subjective out of the scenario as much as possible.

Our society seems determined to allow this grey area to continue and as a result we have complaints against officials at all levels that are based how the complainant feels. Careers are at stake, especially with public figures who get lots of publicity as a result. The complainant going on public media to discuss their feelings seems to give the complainant the” upper hand “over the person accused of doing the harassing. Should this be allowed before an investigation?

I abhor the judging a person before appropriate investigations are done and the outcome made available to the person charged with the harassment. I thought our system of law and order was based on a “fair trial, investigation, etc”

I would like to see more specific rules, to determine what is harassment and what is not. Words such as Hostility, abusive, intimidating are umbrella terms that have many meanings. The complainant imo should not be allowed to take complaint to the public media until after the investigation . In a perfect world politicians would stay out of the public discussion until after an investigation is completed. Not much chance that will happen so we just have to turn off the tv, etc. and attempt to not let the politicians influence our individual thinking.

I have been a liberal democrat for most of my adult life. I am ashamed of some of our democratic leaders. I had the same view when they played “more righteous than thou” in the Al Franken incident some years ago He was not even allowed an investigation.

For those of you who read this and who are the “silent majority”, please write your representatives, senators and make your thoughts known on this subject.

I have rambled. I find this entire trend since the “Me Too” movement very damaging to our society and certainly to male and female relationships. I was active in the Women’s movement some years ago and this is certainly not what we expected of the rights that women now have. WE have little or no control over other people’s behaviors. WE have lots of control over our own .



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