Cut your screen time, save money.

Just spent about 2 hours on the phone with our tv provider and our internet/phone provider. Was able to cut the monthly cost by about $25.00 per month. The phone/internet had increased by about $35 per month due to a 2 yr. promotion that expired. So,,, had to do something. WE also have a separate bill for cell phones. Use very little data but need the phones in case of emergency when we are going different directions. So we are still spending close to $200 per month on all the above. For two people who are not working, stay at home most of the time due to Covid this seems exhorbitant.

AS a senior I honestly don’t know how people manage all these expenses. I look at families with small children, teens, and both parents using devices and wonder about how they can afford. There seems to be lots of addiction among the younger set, very disturbing to know they are spending more time on their phones than having conversations with their family or real people. Someone in the corporate world of tech is certainly getting rich while those of us at the lower end are having to cut the use.

For my husband and I deleting some of these expenses feels right. Our brains need stimuli but not from a computer or phone screen. Interaction with people is far more important. WE also of course live on a budget so have to watch carefully when the extraneous costs start to climb. So, we read more, go to the library when it is open after Covid, and try to interact as much as possible with other human beings – in person!



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