Managing Covid

Well what an exciting time. Politics is crazy, government is a shambles, daily people become more rude and less caring about their neighbors. I won’t linger on the wearing of masks, not going out in crowds, or traveling when the CDC or other health care agencies request that you stay home. You’ve heard enough, you either believe in being careful or you don’t. If you are a senior citizen, for sure you are not going to change your mind and/or your habits at this stage of life.

I believe that my Intelligence quotient has decreased by several points since the Spring of 2020. First there was the stay at home order and with that the inability to go out to restaurants, or any kind of social event. Our meeting places were closed and all the usual activities that we do on a regular basis stopped. So, how do we survive the lack of stimulation. We, my husband and I, senior citizens, past 80 yrs of age, walk, use the exercise machine, have gone on a diet as we also eat more (love those snacks) and of course watch way too much television. I cannot tell you how tired we are of all the political discourse, the preaching of the various news media sites and their proponents. We mostly stick to PBS or the BBC news stations. When we watch the cable news I am reminded of the days as a child when I had to sit and listen to the Preacher on Sundays go on and on and on……. I longed for a short sermon which was rare. Then I remember that cable news is not about news really, but more about being the star and keeping ratings high.

Netflix, and various other television networks have offered many movies and tv programs. I have come to realize that most of the movies I think I would like to watch turn out to be more pornagraphic than I am comfortable with. Always thought that if I wanted to watch mating and reproduction I would just go to the zoo. Also brings to mind the question of the Womens Liberation movement and those attempts to raise awareness of women being used as sexual objects. So, now those same women allow themselves to be the “star” of movies or television series where they are used as such. and or support women as sexual objects by continuing to watch the above mentioned. Have to assume that the term “women as sexual objects”is now considered out of date, old fashioned, etc. I have no quarrel with what people do in their private lives, however, would appreciate having an “X” rated system so we can choose before we get half way thru a movie or tv show. I certainly prefer not to see “bump and grind” in the tv ads.

Zoom has been a life savior. Art lessons, spanish lesson, occasional zoom time with our family. Not enough family connection . Our family like most, has some who are good about staying in touch and others who are not. Different personalities. We both feel a certain amount of loneliness, mostly missing children and grandchildren and of course the awareness that our lives are very short at this stage. The closer to death we come the more I’m aware of missing the family, children and grandchildren. For them, not having that awareness, they are still young enough that they assume they will live forever . For some I believe that Covid has brought to the fore the certainty that we are all going to die, that life is temporary and that old age is only one factor in when we leave this earth. Perhaps that is a plus of Covid.

Other pluses of Covid; forcing us to look inside. So much time is spent during normal times in activity and outside influences that we don’t take the time to go inward. I pay more attention to my dreams, to my body and health, and to the sanctity of life.

I have hope that after Covid and after some of the angst of the politics of recent weeks has settled that we will return to a less coursened society. All I can do is start on myself. Trying to monitor my anger and discouragement at a society that I feel has gone off track, attempting to hold to the belief that “it takes a long time to turn a ship around”.

On that note I will sign off. I am managing covid by writing and keeping the little grey cells alive and jumping.



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