Consequences for Children

2020, reposted. Have to say I still hold to the same beliefs re. children, families, parenting . Now a great grandmother.

Senior thoughts

After spending the past weekend  with my children  and  five  grandchildren  from ages four – fourteen , and listening to the parents talk of the usual problems of raising children; i.e., homework, chores not done, rooms not clean, little or no appreciation for the effort the parents are putting into raising them I was left with the  question as to how and why these problems seem to be more serious and more  prevalent than when I was growing up.       The first thought that comes to mind is that everyone is so….. busy.    Both parents work, there are a ton of extra curricular activities, i.e., ball games, dance lessons, music lessons and of course the HOMEWORK.   Have the expectations changed?    I compare this to my own childhood and teen years.  My mother was a single mom, worked sometimes two shifts as a nurse to pay the bills and my brother…

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