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Stay home or not, Covid

December 3,2020

Like everyone we are experiencing the shut down due to Covid. Southern California trying desperately to get people to stay home, adhere to the safety regime and hopefully not end up in the hospital or worse the cemetery. Can’t say as a state we are having much luck. I believe we may have some of the largest numbers of active covid at present, not sure about the hospitalizations and deaths. Hard to keep up with the data.

Have a much loved great grandson who is entering Med. school this Fall. He has lots of angst about the family exposing themselves and others in what he considers a dangerous environment. Recently one of our family members was tested positive. Very scary time for all of us. Noone knows where he contacted, he works in an environment where there are many people. So……. unknown contact. Angst is a good thing and perhaps even having a family member contact covid has a positive effect in that it is forcing all of us take inventory of our behaviors and be more careful.

It is so easy to walk around in our pretend world and believe that because we feel well today we will not be infected. We all pretend we are not going to die. Even at 83 yrs. of age I have to constantly tell myself “life is short” be careful, try to live each day fully. The Buddhist have a saying “Death sits on your shoulder every day – pay attention”.

So for now my husband and I stay home with our cat, Prince. We venture out to get groceries and do a pharmacy trip about once a week.

So, From California to anyone else wherever you are, take care, stay well, be mindful, and be happy.


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