Write, write, write. A passion that has driven me since childhood. Do I have anything really important to say, absolutely not sure about that. Perhaps?. Falls under the category of whether or not I believe in God. I’m comfortable at present being in the “I don’t know” category. Why I blog is so others can read what I write. Whether I hear from them or not is not of great importance. Blogging is a substitute for being able to have meaningful, thoughtful, conversations with intelligent people. I also find that writing my thoughts is a way of doing my own analysis. I sort out my personal issues, and those that involved my family. In other words think about what you are going to say before you say it.

I would hope after blogging for awhile that I will develop or find a community of other like minded people.

I believe I said this in another post – About Me. Have to say I’m somewhat confused about on WP, new to the site. So there may be duplicates, etc. I am female, senior. Wife, Mother, Grandmother. Retired Marriage and Family Therapist. Live and was educated in California, Born in WVA. Much of my values were formed in early childhood in WVA, therefore the Blog name Coalminerwritedaughter.

Thanks for your patience.


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