Nirvana Cleaning the House :)


Nirvana         Cleaning the House
Dusting the furniture today and remembering all the times I have cleaned house.   I actually enjoy the process, the end result feels wonderful.  Cleaning house was a Friday affair while growing up.  I was reared  in a SDA(Seventh Day Adventist)  home so getting ready for the Sabbath was important.   My Mother, brother and I would clean together. Mother would assign the chore, and of course oversee to make sure it was done correctly.       WE never had a very large house so I don’t remember the project taking a very long time.    What I do remember is how good it felt to have a clean and orderly house and also to know that my Mother was pleased.
On a daily basis the routine was to make your bed, do the dishes, set the table for the next meal, hang up your clothes, take out the trash, take care of the pet, and then off to school.  Forgetting or not having time was not in our vocabulary.    So, the Friday schedule was scheduled for “deep cleaning”.    Scrubbing the floors, changing bed linens, dusting all the furniture, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the stove and refrigerator, etc.
AS a result


I now have an embedded routine for cleaning and keeping things in order.  I have good memories of those early days and frequently am thankful for a parent that believed in structure and having everyone in the family be responsible for taking care of our abode.

The dusting and doing light cleaning, which is all I can do at this time of my life, is a time of meditation.  I dust and do not think, wash dishes and do not think, do laundry and do not think – a blessed time away from my active brain.
Church attendance with the family shares many of the same characteristics as cleaning the house.     Although I can remember being sleepy and many times bored with the sermons ,the being there with my Mother and brother, was a weekly ritual.  A place to meditate, be together in a quiet place,  and share friendships after the service was over.    My relationship with my Mother was difficult because we were both fighting for control.    Despite the many troubled times I knew she had my back and the fence around me was high and strong.    Life was good then.   I felt grounded and safe.
Many times I feel fortunate to have grown up “back then”.   Born 1937.  The current generation appears to have a more difficult time finding a safe place with their family. Family cleaning days and probably family church attendance is a rarity.
So back to the dusting and the painting.

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