Sawdust Festival, Laguna Beach, Calif.


The Sawdust Festival
A wonderful day spent at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach, California.  The temps in the mid seventies, a breeze blowing, wonderful art and artists, hotdogs and tacoes AND my son the musician playing jazz on the main stage.   See      
After several hours wandering around the art exhibits, listening to the wonderful music and talking with friends we decided to call it a day.    
As we were leaving the Festival my husband remarked that he could not find his car keys.    I had left my keys at home as they are heavy and figured we didn’t need both sets.    Well, Wrong!   We retraced our steps thru the Festival, the food stands, the lost and found and no luck.   After much discussion we decided to return to the parking lot where we had left the car, hoping we had dropped them as we exited the car.     So, back on the trolley to the parking lot and needless to say a bit agitated.  
So, you can probably guess what comes next.   Yes, the keys were in the ignition and the car door was unlocked.     Whew! What a relief.    
My mind had gone through all possible solution if we could not find the keys.   Call my granddaughter, see if she could come pick us up, then drive us home (2 hours) then we would drive back to Laguna Beach with my car keys and return home.     What an ordeal that would have been.
Just prior to leaving to go to the Festival I had thought I should hide a key to the house in case we should ever get locked out.   So, I hid a key, emailed a friend as to where the key was in case of an emergency.     I had not thought that we would ever be locked out of our car.     
So, Now, we have to figure out how to hide a key somewhere on the car and of course both of us will carry our keys with us when we travel together.     
The Vicissitudes of Living and getting older.   The Mind is always either in the past of the future, rarely in the NOW.    


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