Kate, Our Senior Cat

The picture on the blog is not of Kate, however, it is a very close likeness.   We adopted her recently from a rescue situation.     She is 10 years, plus.   WE are not sure.     When we first picked her up she looked very much like a drowned rat.
Her eating habits are erratic.   WE believe she has never eaten any canned food, only dry.   She eats once a day, irregardless of whether we put food down more often.
She has a heart mumur  per the Vet, underweight, 6 lbs.
Slowly she is gaining weight, not much, but looks as if she may last a few years.  She has adopted my husband.    Goes to bed with him, sleeps with him, sits on his lap.     I do the feeding, the littler box and wash her face when she can’t clean herself. She does not sit on my lap 🙂
We are happy to have her in our lives. We had lost our dog of 15 years and needed something to love.

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