Cleaning Ladies

Recent thoughts about being house proud, cleaning houses, etc. made me aware that it took me a long time to give myself permission to hire a cleaning lady.  
Even many years after having a family and working full time I still had the left over message from my working class growing up that I was supposed to take care of my own house and it was frivolous to hire someone else to do the mundane work.  
Well I finally gave up and recognized that if I didn’t hire a  person to do the job  it wasn’t going to get done. I quickly found out that they  did a much better job than I 🙂  Those ladies do know how to do deep cleaning.   I was reminded of a swarm of bees that came  into the house and after a few hours left and everything was in order.  That was indeed a wonderful feeling.    
I don’t have a regular cleaning lady at this stage of my life.  Both my husband and I are retired and we both actually enjoy doing the mundane.   We do, however, still hire someone every few months to do the hard work that neither of us have the energy nor the bodies to do any longer.      
So, for those of you who like your house in order but find it just doesn’t happen by itself, please, give yourself permission to hire yourself a regular cleaning person.   They are worth every penny. 

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