House Proud – Still in Existence?

House Proud was frequently heard among the housewives when critiquing one another.   It was a badge of honor similar to hanging out a “white wash”.   It was the standard you were held to by other women and by husbands.  
My Mother was a “house proud” woman.    Having a home that was well kept, clean, and  attractive was very important to her.  I still have memories of  sitting on a bed with fresh linens, the smell of furniture polish and floors that had just been mopped and waxed. Clothes taken off the line outside, sometimes stiff with the cold weather, and then folding them and placing them  in the cupboard. Towels on one shelf, sheets and pillow cases on another.    
I don’t remember her ever nagging about keeping the house clean.   There was an unspoken expectation and every Friday afternoon the entire family cleaned house.    She showed me how to take all the things off a table, polish the table with a lemon oil, then replace all the things.    Never dust around 🙂
Springtime was for cleaning out closets, taking old clothes to the church sale, cleaning out the pantry, discarding outdated grocery items . 
Recently this subject of House proud came up in our family.  One of the family was complaining that their house was not as clean as they would have liked.  A granddaughter mentioned that no one has time any more for household chores.   My thought was that there is plenty of time however, not the caring.   Somewhere along the way women and men stopped caring about how their home looked.  I think that has been replaced with the need for more material things.  So, now the standard has become not how much order and beauty there is in your home but rather how many expensive things you have, i.e., electronics, cars in the driveway, etc.    
For me there is such comfort in sitting in my home, reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle and being able to look around at the beauty I have created.  Such a pleasant place to be.    My environment that I create is how I present myself to the world.   This is a part of who I am, this is the picture I paint of my character. If you want to know me, just visit me in my home, sit awhile, read a book, have a cup of coffee, smile.  
House Proud I am.   And Thank you Mother and all the women I knew growing up. 

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