Positive or Negative Thinking 
There is an old proverb “No news is good news”.   Why is it then that when I don’t hear from people I care about I tend to think the worst.   The people in my family have a resistance to “airing their dirty laundry” as one member said to me.    So, when there is trouble as there is always during this life, they shut down, don’t tell or share with others what is going on.   At some level I suppose there is fear that the family will not respect them, think well of them or be sympathetic to whatever the problem is.    At any rate I would rather know and be upset than not know and be even more upset. I’m sure some of it is cultural, Scotch-Irish independence.    And so I write since the paper (post) is the next best thing to a family member for
venting my feelings and thoughts.  Peggy

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