Poor and Married

Tired of being Poor and Married
Copied this article from the web.   Thought it accurate that the constant drain of not having enough dollars in a family 
drains not only the checkbook but the emotional stamina of both marriage partners.     
It is not difficult to determine why divorce rates tend to freeze or drop during tough economic times. Various law firms polled in 2013 by the Huffington Post indicated thatthe average cost of a divorce in the U.S. was about $15,000, and this is largely considering the procedural expenses.
When married couples hit financial strife, their levels of marital satisfaction are bound to drop and they are more likely to seek separation. Such were the findings of a 2011 research study by the University of Missouri, which determined that couples earning $20,000 or less were more likely to think about separation, especially if they also received government assistance to make ends meet.
Couples with lower incomes are more likely to suffer the consequences of alcoholism and substance abuse, but these factors do not lead to separation as often as financial difficulty does. In fact, researchers from the University of California Los Angeles found that income levels do not make a difference insofar as the values that married couples hold dear, but there is no question that difficult financial situations prompt more couples to separate. drains not only the checkbook but the emotional well being of the marriage. 

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