If you listen to the news you have to come away with the thought that the USA is no longer a safe place to live and make home.    Our children cannot be safe at school, there is no public place or gathering that is free from the violence.   This of course, is in addition to the kind of dangers that life holds for all of us in  any circumstances; i.e.accidents of any kind, and serious illnesses. 
It is very easy to be in denial and hide our head in the sand that living in the USA is safe and certainly safer than other countries.    Unfortunately statistics no longer support that fantasy.     
It is no wonder that parents have become like helicopters, hovering over their children.    How very sad and dangerous to grow up scared and paranoid.   I heard a young news commentator state this morning that he would rethink his desire of bringing children into this world.   
There are a few places in my life where I still feel safe, both physically and emotionally.   I go yearly to San Miguel de Allende, Mx.   There is of course some crime there, however, overall there is a feeling that with reasonable care you are very safe. Almost no murders. The children are safe in school and indeed you can attend any public gathering without concern about your safety.   The other place is where I was born in WVA.    Despite many problems it still has the feeling of neighborliness and safety.   People look out for each other rather than the constant obsession with material things and keeping ahead of their neighbors.    If you are not at home for a few days neighbors check on you.    If your car breaks down, someone offers you a ride. 
For some time now I have thought that my husband and I  would spend our dotage in San Miguel de Allende, for all of the above reasons and of course the financial benefit.      Every time I visit I ask myself “why do I not live here?”   The answer is always that my family is here in the USA.
We have a few years left in our lives  given that we  remain reasonably healthy.     Although I love my family they have their own lives and their own problems.  I would love for all of us to take the adventure of living in another country together, however, that is not going to happen.     
 Life is very short or perhaps very long.   Either way Now is all we have.       So, I’m  thinking of at least spending a great deal more time in Mexico away from the violence and greed that seems to predominate every system in our society.      
“A life spent in making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing”. G. Bernard Shaw     

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