The Train – San Diego to San Luis Obispo

She is eighty years old, traveling with her son.    She has  been travelling now for almost a month.   Started in Columbia and for her birthday her children in California gave her a gift of travel to visit with them and her grandchildren.   It has been over five years since she last saw the children. The grandchildren are now in a different stage of life.    They speak English, a few speak some Spanish.   She speaks no English but has learned to smile and nod. Her son interprets for her as he starts up friendly conversations with others on the train.    She loves to play cards – her version of poker and so sits across from her son on the Surfliner playing her hand.   The ocean on one side the dry hills and rocks on the other.    Not many people in the car, a few other seniors traveling alone.    Coffee, tea, bottled water, chips.    Another woman, she has seven grandchildren.  Her son converses – they have lots in common, grandchildren, love to travel, age, the vicissitudes of aging.      Her son has lots of energy, he is gay, very sophisticated, friendly, very obvious that he adores his Mother.   She smiles, tolerant, at peace with her eighty years and being on the train.  
 San Luis Obispo – Last stop. 

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