Liberal Snobs

SNOBBERY.  Quote from an acquaintance.   “I only have $1000.00 in the bank.  I’m poor like you guys now!  They  vote democratic, give money to the ACLU and various other progressive charities.   However,they will not shop at Walmart, Food for Less or the Thrift Stores.   If you happen to ask if they  went to a State college  they are  aghast. Of course not,they  went to the University of …………..  Only enlisted men have tatoos, never the officers. Their mantra is ”  I am liberal, I feel for the poor, I hate corporations that deprive the poor of their rights and yet……. I can’t take care of the world, I can only take care of my own.       We have worked harder, climbed the ladder of hard work and now are successful. So keep the poor at a distance.    No one on my block is on welfare, they do not stock Pabst blue ribbon beer in their refrigerator, they are professionals, have never had to work in a factory.   Of course they wear designer clothes, order their food from high end grocery stores, have ponies and professional entertainers at their children’s birthday parties.   
      They, the liberal snobs, have forgotten the poor.    Only the poor care about the poor.    The poor don’t like shopping at Walmart or Food for Less, their lack of funds determines where they shop.   They care as much as the financially well off liberal about how badly large corporations treat their employees, where in the third world the products are made that they buy, however, the difference between $4 for a jar of peanut butter and $7 at a neighboring grocery makes a difference in a weekly grocery budget of $75-$100 for a family of three.   
   I am a liberal and I’m very tired of and angry about the snobbery and the lack of understanding of a society where a high percentage of citizens live below the poverty line.     Presently I see very little difference  between those liberals who have isolated themselves from the “real world” and their peers on the right side of the aisle.   Their money is not where their mouth is – it is instead in a investment account, earning monies to make sure their children attend the “best universities” and have a inheritance.   God forbid they should have to go to a State supported college.  
    Greed and class snobbery have not bypassed the liberal.    

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