Dishonest and Politically Correct

Unfortunately being politically correct also means that in many cases we as a society are forced to be dishonest.      We no longer can tolerate hearing what someone actually believes or feels if it is not politically correct.    For instance in the recent news about Paula Dean and also the George Zimmerman trial we are forced to swallow lots of “nothing” being said because all involved are so frightened to say what they really believe or feel.    We step gingerly around any mention of race or gender discrimation in any form.    We want to believe that the discrimination does not exist and so have made it impossible for any person, especially a celebrity, to even admit that they have the smallest amount of prejudice. Do we want them to be Gods, not like the rest of us humans?  After all “the Emperor has no clothes”.      Despite the fact that I believe most of us dislike discrimination in all forms, if we are honest we  have to admit   that we all have some beliefs that are prejudicial.   No one is squeaky clean. 

     I would love to hear sa politician actually answer a question honestly when asked by the news media.   I would love to hear a newscaster ask direct and sometimes uncomfortable questions regarding racial or gender prejudice  without worrying about being sued.   Corporations quickly drop sponsorship of anyone even closely associated with any kind of discrimination and  yet as history has recently shown corporations are themselves filled with greed and corruption.   As my mother used to say “It’s the kettle calling the pot black” .   WE certainly have a lot of kettles now in our society.    Honesty is not always comfortable, however, in my opinion so energizing.     I am riveted whenever someone dares to be honest in public.   

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