Hurting Hands

The weather is mild, 75 degrees and sunny.   There is a cool breeze that comes off the Bay which is  about two miles from our house.  I have not been able to paint for more than two weeks now as my hands ache so much from arthritis.     I try all the usual remedies and eventually just have to accept that the only solution is non-use.  I am discouraged.   I cannot open a jar, I drop books, plates, medicine bottles., etc. For all of my life I have used my hands in activities that give me pleasure; art, gardening, writing and now find that I have to limit those.   I just read about an artist who is 80 years of age  and now paints with two hands.  To work in dirt again would be such a gift.   So, time will tell.  There is some guilt in complaining as there are those whose health issues are much more disabling.   Complaining, however, does help to get it off my chest and perhaps find a diversion that does not require using my hands.   

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