The one percent – 1%

The GAP between the rich and the poor continues to be a theme in this blog.   Despite my efforts to look on the rich without judging them as non caring people and acknowledging the fact that much of what they do with their wealth trickles down and makes jobs for the classes below them, I am still left with the distinct belief  that there is something very immoral about a few having so much and the many having so little.

A very wealthy lady’s daughter arrives to visit her in her pink mansion.     The maids are unpacking her clothes.    The daughter comes in, sees what the maid is doing and tells her “oh No, you can’t use those clothes hangers they have been used for someone else’s clothes. You will have to go and purchase new ones”    So, off the maid went to the high end department store to purchase new coat hangers.

The ushers gathered in the staff room, eating the sandwiches that had been prepared by the staff of the gala that was being help upstairs. They are not paid, volunteer their time so they can hear the live music or see a good film.      They have all worked all day, hurry to the event, swallow down their sandwich, chips and soft drinks and hurry out to hold the door open for the ladies who have to go to the bath, help pin up the skirt of a dress from Paris whose wearer was so inebriated that she slip and fell on the hem and tore the dress.   ” Of course, miss, no problem, I’ll be glad to fix it for you.    Can I show you to your seat, would you like anything?.    Of course its ok if you go out and return to the performance “, yes we are very grateful to you for coming and bringing your friends.”    Smile, don’t laugh at the women with the spotted hands, who can barely walk without her young escort helping her stand up.   Her face, the face of a 30 years old , a frozen smile, her dress, approximate cost $4000, her ticket price $900.00, the Rolls Royce waiting at the curb driven by her chaffeur.    Now all you ushers, be grateful that you are given the opportunity to attend this live music performance and get to look at beautiful clothes, and the faces of the famous.    Of course, Be Grateful!  We are so fortunate.

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