Social Security/Medical Disability misuse and fraud

May 25, 2011
Diane Feinstein.
Barack Obama
Re:   Social Security, Medicare entitlements.
I identify myself as a lifelong democrat and liberal.   Recently there is much talk about why the democrats, your liberal base, will not negotiate on talks regarding reforming the social security program to help with our budget deficit. 
I believe that if you would separate out the medicare, social security budget for those over 65 from the section of the budget that pays for medical disability you would find a great deal of support from your over 65 base. These budgets need to be renamed and the title social security kept for only those programs for over age 65.
I am 73 yrs. and fully appreciate medicare and social security.    I, like almost everyone I know, feel very angry and cheated by those who receive medical disability benefits that are unnecessary.   There are thousands of reports of fraud and the inability of the Social Security office to keep up with the investigations.    So, consider separating the costs for all items that are not directly related to the over 65 population.     If the population was educated as to the dollar amounts spend on disability  and other programs that have nothing to do with the elderly I believe you would have support and not resistance.   As it stands currently when you talk of cutting the program most seniors feel very frightened that their means of support would be cut out entirely.  
Balancing the budget should not be delayed.   We are in trouble.   The entitlement programs need dramatic reform. The medical disability program needs to be designated for only those who have extremely serious and lifelong illnesses .
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