Elizabeth Taylor and Me

I never knew her except in movies and old movie magazines.    I was fourteen years old working in a drugstore ice cream store when another young man who worked there and who was a dwarf, brought in a magazine with Elizabeth Taylor’s picture on the cover.    He was in awe of her beauty and stardom.   Oddly enough I did not feel jealous as I often did of other young and beautiful starlets.    Every after that I remembered her, to some degree followed her life and was always aware of the distinct difference between her life and the dwarf that brought her to my attention and also certainly to my life as a working class young woman of average looks.    As I matured and became more aware as a woman I continued to admire Elizabeth Taylor, however, later for her authenticity.     She was able in a world of power and money to maintain some level of independence, speak her mind, behave as she chose as a woman and at the same time was perhaps the epitome of feminism.   She did her own thing and maintained her femininity.    I have a fantasy that we would go to coffee together, share laughter and concerns about our children, about men and our disappointments.   I believe if we would have met in real life we would have been good friends.     So, perhaps in our next lives.     I have felt sad for the past few days when I think of her death.    Some of my young adult life, movie magazines, beautiful hairdos, beautiful eyes, has gone forever.   

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