Winter in Palm Springs

47 degrees at 5am, February 20, 2011.   Cold for Palm Springs.   Snow on our local mountains and residue of rain on the ground from the heavy rains of the past two days.    Walked the dog.  

Sarcasm:  to sneer, or strip off flesh (per Websters).     For me its equivalent to stepping in an “acid bath”.    Certainly not an environment I want to be in for very long.    What does that have to do with Winter in Palm Springs?   Awareness of self and others.    Perhaps later today I’ll write about sarcasm in relationships.   Or put another way “emotional acid reflux”.  

Plan to go to a friend’s open house later today, a reminder that I need to do the same.    Since moving I have been lazy about inviting friends.      Tomorrow I get to see two of my granddaughters.   What would they like – perhaps something from Michael’s craft store.
Beautiful grandchildren.

Got word that a cousin had died, age 68.    Had no contact with him for more than 25 years, feel sad.   He was the same age as my brother and my mother told the story of how she and her sister chose the same name for the two babies that were due within days of each other. My cousin was born first, 10 days sooner, so he was given the chosen name “Steven”.    


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