Why are you afraid to tell us who you are

The man of the year – Facebook founder.    His purpose as I understand it was to make available a venue for people to share their thoughts and ideas, feelings, and what is going on in their lives.  So, perhaps this young society isn’t ready for openness.    I read lots of “hello’s, went to the best restaurant last night, kids won the ball game, birthday party events, congratulations on events” and the daily happenings that make up their lives.   Is that all there is???    Where are the shared pains, conflicts, worries, new ideas that might not be accepted by a larger group?   Where is the courage to say who and what you are?    How can your generation be “happy” all the time?   How can you know what joy and happiness is if you don’t “feel” pain and sadness?    

To be afraid to tell who you really are is to be afraid of not being liked, rejection, abandonment, betrayal.    All important areas, to  be sure and yes there is risk involved.     To not say  who you are, what you think and feel is to give in to atrophy of the brain and emotions.   The brain can die of atrophy and boredom.   The fastest way to kill yourself is to wrap yourself in a plastic bag of safety.    No one will ever know what you feel and think and of course no one will ever abandon you, reject you and not like you. 

I had lunch yesterday with a woman friend whose husband just died after 57 years of marriage.  She says to me over lunch, “there are so many things I wish I had said”.  

So we sit with our feelings all trapped inside us which possibly lends to our high rate of cancer and other dis eases of the soul and the body.   So, in my opinion, to express your thoughts and feelings is as important for your good health both physically and emotionally as it is to be liked by your friends and peers.     The relationships may alter if you speak honestly, you may suffer some rejection, however, I can promise you that you will live.



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