Spending my Social Security

The washing machine died so we spent the morning in Home Depot pricing new ones.   After some time walking around looking at “designer washing machines” my husband, bless his heart, decided he could fix the old one.    So, we spent $60 for parts and he was able to repair the machine.    Spend, spend, spend.   Its a lifestyle.    Buying things to make ourselves happy.    I remember once many years ago when a friend said to me “your name should be “Wanna” because I wanted so many things and was so verbal about those wants.    Well, it has been a lifelong struggle to not get caught in the materialistic illusion of happiness and I can’t say I still don’t have  a struggle.   I love beautiful things and that means spending money.     However, I do feel so much better when I can fix something old and make it work and not buy the new one just because its new and shiny.

I love buying clothes or household goods at the local thrift stores.   Most of the better furniture in my home has been purchased at thrift stores.    What fabulous finds!    I have a sister-in-law, also living on social security income with very large medical expenses who refuses to eat “left overs”.   We all grow up with our childhood memories and behavior patterns and now
being an elderly person on very limited income we have to make some hard choices.   Frequently I feel fortunate that I grew up in poverty, learned early to spend only what I had and to make do with used and old.   Now, all that comes easier.    Pity the person who has never said to themselves “I can’t afford that”.  

I eat, have a warm and safe home, a dog that protects me from harm, a husband that fixes broken things and my life seems pretty good.  

Buena Vida        

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