November Blues

Nothing like November to bring on the blues.   Doesn’t really matter why, however, I’m aware of always missing the mountains of WVA as Fall arrives.    My brother’s birthday in November is always the start of the spiral down.   He has been dead now 10 years.    I will visit the cemetery sometime this month.
He was my touchstone to early childhood and family.   Without him, I often feel disconnected.   I tend to disconnect more from people, withdraw, turn down invitations to social events.    I have learned to just sit with the emptiness and wait and see what comes.    At least at age 73 I have stopped running. 

The election results didn’t help my sense of hopelessness regarding the future of this country.   The rancor on both sides is very disspiriting.     The obvious racial hatred toward Obama , the constant seeking for power and riches of politicians, makes one feel that human nature has little chance of surviving.   So, for now I’ve turned off the tv news programs.    I’ll read my mysteries for entertainment and glow in the fact that the bad guy always gets caught.   

As Scarlett O’Hara said “I’ll think about it tomorrow”.  

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