Kindergarten Homework – Ridiculous

Homework in Kindergarten – Shameful and Ridiculous!

by Peggy Toney on Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 3:57pm
This is a campaign to end the required homework packets that kindergarten teachers give to their student.     How absolutely ridiculous to send packets home with the parent who then must sit with the 5 yr. old and beg, threaten and plead until the work is done.    So, guess what happens, the child and the parent argue, the parent and the child both become very frustrated and gradually the child begins to dislike homework, school and the excitement of learning. Sure we need to reinforce what has been learned during class time. How About reading stories to your 5 yr. old, watching good tv programs together and talking about them, talk around the dinner table, counting pennies when you go shopping. I could fill pages with ideas of how to reinforce learning without a printed page of numbers and letters for a 5 yr. old. and the necessity of the parent sitting beside the child and taking on the role of policeman.   

If you are a parent of a 5 yr. old, ask yourself how much “good time” you have with your child while you are prodding her or him to do his required homework?   After all he/she has already spent 6+ hours at school and you have already had your full day.   Life is really short and school and achievement are really important, however, not to the extinction of the very little time the modern family has together just being.

So, if you agree, write your local school superintendents, school board members, principals and start gathering your forces to take back some of the fun and wonder of kindergarten. I started today.


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