The Dog Wouldn’t Poop

This is the dog that won’t poop in a kennel.   She’s a Queensland Heeler, fastitious to a fault and bred to work with cattle and sheep.    We rescued her when she was approximately one year old and was found by a neighbor running along the highway in Northern Nevada.    Probably escaped from some sheep herder because she was tired of working for a living.    Anyhow we have frequently referred to her as our Hooker because she was found very near a Brothel in Nevada and she frequently lies on her back with all four paws in the air and loves to have her belly scratched.    She firmly believes that my husband and I are her sheep and is overly protective.    Finding a kennel that will keep her when we want to vacation has been a real problem because as she has aged she has become increasingly more protective and aggressive with anyone who even looks like they may want her to do something she is not interested in doing.

Now occasionally we do need a break from being the parents of a dog so we settled on a kennel about a two hour drive from our house because we liked the look of the kennel and the owners.    Her first stay at the kennel was four days.    She lunged at the attendant, obviously he cannot get into the kennel in order to put a lead on her to take her to the exercise yard.   So for four days she stayed in the 5’x10′ run.   She ate well, urinated but never pooped.    2nd stay, also four days.   She no longer lunges but bares her teeth when the attendant comes close so again no way to get her into the exercise yard.   So, again four days of eating well, but no pooping.     Obviously as soon as we get out of the kennel she stops and does her business, enough for four days!  On arriving back home she is happy, returns to all her normal behaviors, eating, sleeping, chasing balls, taking out the trash and chasing the vacuum cleaner.

The owner of the kennel is concerned, I am concerned, however, I ask myself  ” Should I Be”?
I raised one son and have seven grandchildren.    Honestly having a dog is just about the same amount of difficulty as raising a teenage son.   Perhaps I didn’t do that well enough and that’s why my dog is now “acting out”.  

Que Sera.


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One thought on “The Dog Wouldn’t Poop

  1. I think the dog is blessed to have such a loving family! She has taken the saying \”shit or get off the pot\” to a different level.. she says \”I'm gonna stay on the pot and refuse to shit!\”


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