Blessing of a Dog

Today our dog Sophie gets her first view of our new house which has at this stage about 1/2 our belongings moved in.    Will she like the house, will she be scared, will she bark at the ravens that fly over or the airplanes from the nearby airport, what portion of the yard will she claim as her own?    She is a nervous ninny so her approval and comfort  makes life much easier for us if its a positive.   If’s a negative, oh well, then we just continue on and pretend we have an adolescent in the house again.  She just got turned down with one boarder for a week’s vacation because of her tendency to be aggressive with strangers.    Finally we have found a place which is a distance for us to travel but they offer a setting where she can be left alone and at the same time well cared for.    Dogs, what would we do without them?

Saturday is moving day and we have at least one family member coming to help load.    Most of the small things will have been moved by that day.    We have four weeks to clear out our present house, get it cleaned and ready for a new tenant.    I have some concern about renting our house; will the tenant pay the rent on time, keep the house in good condition, be honest with us about any problems they may encounter?  Tenants can be really good or horrible.    I’m hoping for the best since at age seventy-two I do not have the patience for problems.   Since selling the house at present is out of the question given the real estate market in California our choice was to let the house set empty or take a chance and rent.    So, we decided to rent.      One day at a time. Que Sera.   

Buenos Dia


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