Death of a Friend

I just learned of a good friend’s death two days ago. He was diagnosed with cancer less than one year ago and now is gone.    I hadn’t seen him much over the last few years, however, he and his wife were friends from many years ago and it was like putting on a much worn jacket when I did see them.   In a few words we could catch up on major events in our lives and immediately were back into the trough of friendship based on openness and honesty.  I feel so sad and even though I knew he was ill, there is still the shock of the person not being on this earth any longer in the form which I knew him.     Life is so very temporary.

We have just made a big decision to relocate, rent our current home and buy another one in an area closer to town.   Hearing of my friend’s death makes me wonder if I should just crawl into my safe hole and stay there and make no major changes.   I feel shaken.   Despite the fact that I know intellectually that life is temporary there is always the pretend state that death won’t happen to me and those I love.    Then when it does inevitably happen I again feel the shock.  

I wish there was something I could say or do that would make this passing easier for his wife    There is not.        
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