Tired and Not Painting

Tired and certainly feeling my age.    Moving from one household to another is very hard work.   Daily we carry small items to the new house; potted plants, small decorative items, canned goods that go in the pantry and always more and more cleaning items.   Seems I’ve spent my life cleaning.   No wonder these hands look as if they came out of an Egyptian tomb.      My back and neck are tired and I have about 2-3 hours of energy before I have to take a break.    

I moved my art supplies; boxes of oils and acrylics, turpenoid, easels, canvases, brushes, empty cans for cleaning, aprons and old shirts and stacks of canvases painted on that I will paint over and use again.   I look at the first painting I did and am amazed and how much I’ve learned in two years.

Some of my fatigue is because I’ve not been painting.   Nothing for almost a month now.    Stopped the art class because of moving and all that entails.    Find without the painting there is almost no way to “relax”.     I walk, take a nap, read, but the concentration to really leave this world for a time is only there with painting.    So, hopefully with two weeks we will be finished with the move and I can get back to “my life”.

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