Dream – The Black Purse

September, 2009.

A woman at a social event, carries a black, square purse.   She enters the room, walks up a curved staircase and as the stair case turns sits her purse down among other purses on a small landing to one side of the stairs.       She mixes and talks with various people, all friendly, all the women dressed in after dinner cocktail dress.     She realizes it is time to leave and goes to find her purse.    The purse is not there among all the others.   She becomes very anxious.   The purse has all her important info; I.D., money, car and house keys, etc.     She looks and looks but even though all the other purses are there she cannot find her own.    She sees an old woman; very sophiscated, beautifully dressed, smiling, silver grey hair and with a man whom she trusts.   The dreamer approaches the  old woman and asks her for money to take a train home.   The old woman smiles and is very receptive although she doesn’t speak.   The woman knows that the elderly woman will give her the money needed and will help her in any way possible.  The dreamer wants to put her arms around the elderly woman but resists.

Interpretation:   The dreamer has “set aside” her creative self – the black purse.The safe container – the purse – has been treated as if it was not valuable.      The old woman is the dreamer’s desired self; assured, happy, creative.   Leaving the social event is “leaving” the mainstream of society and needing to find a safe place to create – lots of anxiety about leaving the mainstream.       

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