Universal Health Care – Please!!!

Fortunately for my husband and I we are old enough to be covered by Medicare. Dear God – what would we do without that blessed medical coverage? The last few days I’ve heard and read all the varying ideas for a health plan for our nation and the more I hear the more frustrated I become.
Why oh why, after all the debacle that the corporations have gotten us into in all the arenas of our lives, would anyone believe that corporations are going to offer health care to everyone without profit being their primary motive. How naive!

Obama, please. Stand up say it like it is. Yes it will cost money, yes everybody will have to pay some more taxes and most of all YES no one will every have to worry again about losing their home or being turned away from a doctor’s office because you don’t have health coverage. You will take home more pay because your employer will not be taking out a premium. Your union may have a chance of winning a vote for higher wages, more vacation time, more reasonable working conditions because the health care option will no longer be their leverage to keep the union from demanding employee rights.

There is all this talk about the Canadian system not working. I haven’t yet heard any Canadian experts give input on this opinion. No system is perfect but it has lasted many years in Canada despite several types of governments. No one who has ever had universal coverage wants to ever be without it again. That would be like asking my husband and I if we wanted to give up Medicare and let the corporate CEO’s decide how much we had to pay for premiums, what kind of care we would get. Ask any senior and I know of not one that would go back to a time when Medicare was not an option.

My hope is before I leave this earth to see a health plan that covers all citizens. Why are we so behind Denmark? Greed! Greed! Greed!

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