Honest Feelings, No Way!

Spring, 2009. A year has gone by since I last blogged. Spring must be the time for new ideas, creativity, motivation to again move out of my winter doldrums. I have changed the title of the blog to Stage III – Musings since that is where I am in life. I had given thought to trying to offer psychotherapy on the internet thru this blog , however,I no longer am interested in offering psychotherapy to anyone, in person or via the internet. Attempting to manage my own aging and spiritual journey is all I can manage. More and more I feel I have little advice to offer anyone, much less those in are in trouble psychically. I am resisting becoming an aging turtle pulling her head into her shell and isolating more and more.

Why am I again attempting to “reach out” to friends and family who might be interested in conversing with me or reading my thoughts? I have a need to self express, to state what I feel and think without worry about the impact those statements may have on those I care about. Honesty takes a great deal of courage, especially for an Irish woman who grew up in a family where keeping the family intact was more important that how I as an individual felt. Despite the stress caused by not stating feelings and thoughts that may be hurtful to others my belief even at this stage of life is that the family or group is more important that the “I”.

So, for now I ramble no more and attempt to get this published on blogspot or………

Adios, Peggy

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